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~ Thursday, September 18 ~

This file is called “this echoes a lot” which is all that needs to be said

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~ Tuesday, August 12 ~

Sung (and mixed xD)after 40 hours of no sleep

Brave Heart (piano) 

Vocals by me

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~ Friday, August 8 ~

This is quite an old cover already. But I’ve been just singing shit lately so eh…This is pretty enough.

Ah, memories. I remember when I saw Chii’s song the first time in albinoblacksheep and yeah, just remembered this song after 10 years or so

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~ Monday, April 14 ~

here’s me singing let it go

Tags: shit my cover cover mari sings shit let it go frozen
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~ Monday, April 7 ~

I am laughing so hard I wanted to try how kawaii I could go and this is the result

I haven’t heard this song since 2010 I forgot about it but then I found my old cover of it and decided to try

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~ Sunday, March 30 ~

I’m still here - goo goo dolls (covered by me)

I also covered this with the finnish lyrics yay

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~ Sunday, March 16 ~

Oodi 15.3.14-16.3.14

päville joina kaaduin varmaan sata kertaa ja viikonloppu kun mun piti vaihtaa kevätkengät esiin. Fuck u snow, fuck u pilasi se mun kampauksenki ku töihin olin menossa stna

päätinpä sitten viime yönä tehdä omat sanoitukset let it gohon kun vitutti.

Tags: finnish suomi my cover cover snow let it go tää on niin hienosti laulettu tällä mun vilustuneella kurkulla
~ Friday, March 7 ~

Last Song ( -15% pitch) - covered by me


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~ Wednesday, March 5 ~

Glow - Miku Hatsune (covered by me)

I’ve heard this song like once and I fucked it up <3

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~ Sunday, February 16 ~

Sakura Nagashi (-12% pitch) covered by me.

Because what do we do when our throat is swollen,raw and itchy? sing fucking utada hikaru covers at midnight. Yes. 

fun fact; I have only heard the first verse of this song so I probably fucked the bridge and everything else basically.


Tags: my cover cover mari sings shit sakura nagashi utada hikaru