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~ Friday, May 25 ~

actually I forgot what this thing was called it’s saved as deathfic on my comp

“I can hear the waves”

Logan gasped at the sound. He let out a muffled sob, not bothering to dry his eyes, bending over the more slender body sprawled on his lap.


He asked, his voice merely a whisper. Fire continued to crackle, the sound becoming more aggressive with each passing moment.

Did he just imagine it?

He stared long and hard at the actor’s features, trying to detect any sort of movement, not noticing, or caring about, the tears
that dribled on Julian, trailing Logan’s jawline when falling.


Convinced that his mind continued to play tricks on him, the blonde male slumped, craddling
the body in his arms. Then a shaky breath.

“I think it’s raining”

Logan opened his eyes again, only to find Julian this time staring right back at him.

“We can’t swim if it’s raining. I think I hear thunder”

Logan just looked aghast for a moment. Explosions errupted on the lower floors.
Logan wiped his eyes and tried to smile.

“We can today”



Julian’s eyes started to look hazy. His eyelids were heavy.

“Later. I think I’ll take a nap…first”

He softly whispered, closing his eyes. Logan’s voice cracked into uncontrollable sobs as he pressed his forehead agains Julian’s.

“Sleep tight Jules”

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